California Seascapes Photography by Steven Thompson


About the Photographer

       Born and raised in Southern California, I have spent much of my life around the ocean from surfing, to scuba diving, surf fishing, to owning a fishing boat for a few years chasing yellowfin tuna and albacore up to 65 miles off the coast in my ny t rips down south expring the hes of -Mcd relaxing at the beach on a sunny day. All of which was done before photography and in no way done for the purposes of photography. It was only natural that when I became involved with photography that my time was spent photographing along this same coastline that I know so well.

     While my main passion is the Southern California coastline and will continue to live and photograph near it, I do like the adventure of the outdoors and nature in general and have taken various trips away from the coast including a six week trip throughout much of the Western United States to expand on my knowledge of photography and increase my stock of images. I traveled to locations such as Canyon De Chelle’ in Northern Arizona, throughout much of the Rocky Mountains, the Badlands of South Dakota, to Montana's Glacier National Park near the Canadian Border and just about everything in between and at all climates from 90 degrees and sunny in Arizonas Canyon de Chelle to -15 degrees and snowing high in the peaks of Glacier National Park.  During this period I felt as if my skills and eye for photography had improved significantly, yet I also came to the realization that the photographic possibilities are endless and that photography will be a lifelong learning experience. I spent much time photographing our national parks, but my true enjoyment comes from exploring the back roads and finding the areas unknown by many. Now back in warm Southern California I am back to photographing the ocean hopefully better than ever.

Other than surf photography a few times, I have had no interest whatsoever in photographing people, every once in while I get a photo that works and nothing is ever staged and is 100% natural and unplanned. I am basically just a landscape photographer that happens to live by the ocean.

        I go to great lengths in finding originality in my compositions while at the same time doing my best to include water in each photo and other than a few basic scenes that are often photographed, many of the compositions here are my own original creations. I also take pride in knowing that any of my prints can be taken to the location in which it was photographed held up to the scene and everything will be positioned as it was when it was photographed, something which is becoming increasingly uncommon today in photography and of course no video cameras. While using only the best in quality digital camera's and professional grade lenses, I can be sure the capture is the best it can be and of course 'no video cameras' which is not photography.




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California Seascapes Photography