California Seascapes Photography by Steven Thompson



   Much of my photographing time is spent along the Southern California coastline searching for those compositions and locations unfamiliar by many and also the more familiar ones as well. I also try to respect those that don't want their locations revealed. While my main focus is the Southern California coastline, I have also spent time photographing throughout the Western United States including some of the National Parks and Monuments.

          The images shown on this site is just a small sampling of my work from my stock of thousands of photos, all of which are available in digital format and can be cropped/resized for web or any other needed use. The images shown here will give a basic indication to the style of my photography and what further images I will most likely to be having available.

I have always done everything in my power to keep my images as unmanipulated as possible as far as compositing, cut and paste fake skies, no cut and paste rainbows, moons, etc.

The California Seascapes website was created in 2004 with some photos photographed before then. The website designed and constructed by Steven R. Thompson.





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California Seascape Photography