Absolutely nothing but a criminal loser using other criminal losers on the street to help in any way possible while using a high dollar video camera to photograph, combined with copying other photographers, most of which can be done by literally any fifteen year old, They tried getting me involved with the same con and I basically stuffed their faces in the sand and they've been harrassing me ever since to try and keep me quiet.


With 100% certainty I could literally go two years without taking a single photo while he photographs every single day during that two years and then with one arm, a patch over one eye, crawling on my knees and his son knowing what a pathetic loser his father is, would completely and totally smoke this loser with literally zero effort whatsoever and he knows this. This is why he only hides at 22nd street which is basically a vacant part of the coastline. I've talked to a couple of people that are at Manhattan Pier every single day for the last 30 plus years and they've never seen him. "This is how much of a complete and total douchebag this loser is".

There will be much more here in the future as I feel necessary, I have fifteen years worth, including a certain surfer that you know of and a few people from Hollywood that are/were also involved. Even going as far as stealing other photographers hard drives and situations which could be considered as attempted murder and many threats of murder.

There are at least two photographers in the area which are far, far more talented, purchase your prints through them. This guy Photographically is absolutely nothing whatsoever but a complete Zero-Talent, Poser, DoucheFuck...

Do not give these people your money or you are supporting criminals.




Just to give you an idea of who this bald idiot, loser surfer is when he's not surfing...This surfer went behind my back out of desperation and got involved with my 'Step' brother that I haven't spoken to in 20 years. Google 'Sean Heyenga' and you will quickly understand the pathetic coward that 'he' is and they 'both' are. Sean is more of a criminal than most of the people he arrests and was illegally re-hired. He was always a coward beyond anything imaginable and now we have documented proof of it, you will begin to see a pattern as I tell you more about these people. This surfer is in no way the person that he pretends to be and is the same as my coward step-brother Sean Heyenga. Some of this will make much more sense as I eventually tell you who else is involved including actors and a certain director that you know that also got involved, all of them are the exact same cowards and losers. They are still to this day threatening to destroy my life if I say anything, particularly the director.

This little bearded director is just a pathetic little man that spends all of his free time sitting in a little building alongside the Los Angeles River which many of us know is halfway to sewage, He spends all his free time hacking into peoples phones and computers and spying on people.

In one way or another all of these people are complete con-jobs and they're all part of a club that supports each other in any way possible. They also have hundreds of complete losers on the streets that are being paid to support them whenever needed for anything which is usually related to money.


All of these people in Hollywood and elsewhere are complete frauds in one way or another just like this photographer, Yes including the director. There is no bigger fool than the fool that has any sort of respeect or admiration for any of these people including the Surfer and Director.

There is no bigger laughable coward, poser, douchebag, loser on this earth the coward that has no choice but to live there life manipulating others for their own gain.



All of these people are part of a group or a club, a club of cowards, criminals, felons douchebags losers, rejects complete morons and anything else similar you can imagine. They are complete losers that help eachother in any way they can including hundreds and thousands of people on the throughout the streets of Los Angeles and very likely across the country. The people with money continually track these people and anytime they want anything done they take advantage of these losers and Paypal them money. I have had dozens and dozens of encounters with these people including numerous threats, six or seven high speed car accidents and a motorhome stolen along with some of my possessions. Yet I still have absolutely no fear whatsoever of these people, if you confront any of them face to face they 'always' back down like a coward...Always. They are cowards and losers.

Much of what has been going on in politics over the last few years also has to do with this group


There is no such thing as illuminatti, it's just a group of the biggest cowards, losers, misfits, rejects, douchebags the most laughable pussys this world has ever seen. Never have any fear of these people.

They thought I was like them and invited me to be a part of their club, they showed me who they were and once I saw who they were I told them to Fuck-Off.


The greatest men will always be the ones that can exist while staying away from this group.


Anyone that manipulates others are always the dumbest of all morons, that's why they manipulate because they are too dumb to exist in this world for real without manipulating, they're always complete idiots..


There's a very big difference between someone that has lived here their entire life, goes to the trouble of buying a boat and spending over three years every single weekend out in the ocean many times well over fifty miles sometimes by himself in a small nineteen foot aluminum boat and an idiot-kook that moves here at the age of forty and goes out one time with someone else just to take a picture of himself for his Instagram page. I'm the real deal and he's the ignorant moron pretending to be somebody else while hiding inside his home looking for a free ride on someone elses ideas.




Keywords; Sean Brady, previously known as Sean Heyenga.

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